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Manufacturer Center

Manufacturer Center

PIEBOT devotes to create an efficient circulation space for the integration of office and production, we take High-Tech as the background and keynote of the company, shorten the distance and intimacy between production staff and office engineers, improve the efficiency and effect of information circulation.

We make full use of space production and material flow line analysis to plan the material receiving center, IQC room, warehouse, tool room, reliability laboratory, customer inspection room, workshop, test center and office area. The space moving line has distinct longitude and weft, and the utilization rate is very high.

From the warehouse to the workshop, anti-static floor layout and constant temperature and humidity air conditioning environment are adopted, so that employees and all the staff work in a clean, tidy, bright and quiet environment.

In the office area we have set up an independent office and enough conference rooms for customers, so that customers feel at home, and provide enough product quality assurance.

At the same time, our battery charging and discharging and storage warehouse is set in an independent floor away from the workshop, which shall be decorated in accordance with the highest explosion-proof level and the requirements of constant temperature and humidity.