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Clean Equipment Industry

With the rapid development of economy and the recent nCoV disaster in the world, people have higher requirements for the life quality. However, the world is experiencing a crisis of population aging, and intelligent clean equipment has become people's first choice, which makes the cleaning equipment industry develop very rapidly, many traditional cleaning equipment branding company is picking up speed to intelligent robot cleaner, restricted by robot navigation algorithm technical barriers, so the robot cleaner ODM service mode has become each big branding company preferred cooperation. PIEBOT is seized the opportunity to trial production and cleaning equipment industry brands to provide the differentiated solutions of the ROBOT CLEANER ODM, through our deep environment recognition and sensors technology for many years, our autonomous 3D obstacle avoidance robot is very popular and favored by the customers. At present, the product is in urgent mass production and shipment, welcome to inquire. The whole machine of our indoor commercial cleaning robot is in the stage of intensive and orderly development. It is expected to be displayed to ODM brand owners in the third quarter of this year, and will be officially launched at the end of year 2021.

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