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GUANGDONG PIEBOT ROBOTICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a newly established high-tech enterprise, located in Dongcheng Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, adjacent to the scenic Foling Lake Ecological Park. PIEBOT has very convenient transportation, less than 1km away from the highway junction, and only one hour's drive to Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

PIEBOT is mainly engaged in the intelligent cleaning equipment and robots R&D, manufacturing and global sales. We provide customers one-stop solution in product design, supply chain, manufacturing, logistics transportation and after-sales maintenance services; We are committed to providing customers with innovative, differentiated, cost-effective robotics products, and undertake ODM and OEM business.

PIEBOT has a group of highly educated, experienced technical and management staff, we set sales & PM, R&D, SCM, manufacturing, quality assurance and other support team. Adhering to the service values of integrity, initiative, responsibility, unity, communication and implementation, we will make all out to ensure the innovation, improvement and excellent delivery of products and services, and help customers succeed.

PIEBOT has successfully developed two kinds of robot cleaner products at the beginning of its business startup. The high-end product is equipped with built-in one DTOF and three solid-line lidars. The robot can carry out dynamic autonomous 3D obstacle avoidance and collision avoidance, with automatic dust collection and floor mopping functions, the first-time cleaning rate is more than 90%. At present, the product has achieved mass production and market supply. Customers can define the appearance ID independently. Our structural team works with supply chain resources to quickly implement the development, production and delivery of customized molds. The other one is light and charming, equipped with a built-in single pointed lidar navigation system, which fully competes for the low-end and sinking market of sweeping robots. Compared with inertial navigation and vacuum cleaner, this product is expected to become the leading product in the market competing to the gyro cleaner. At the same time, our research and development team focus on customer application pain points and robot complex environment constantly innovate, we will have more star products on the market in the future.

PIEBOT is determined to become the best complete ODM supplier and partner in the field of intelligent cleaning equipment and robot. We look forward to cooperating with global brand manufacturers, solution companies, e-commerce platforms and aspiring companies that pursue excellence and seek common development.

We provide customers one-stop solution in product design, supply chain, manufacturing, logistics transportation and after-sales services,and undertake ODM and OEM business。



Become the best complete machine supplier in the field of intelligent cleaning equipment and robots!


Learn from others, derive wisdom, be the intelligent cleaning equipment and robots manufacturing experts!

Core Value

Honesty: be honest and abide by credit!

Initiative: Follow and execute the established plan with no need external force or other people to push!

Take-on:  Undertake a task or take responsibility!

Unitive: cooperate with each other to make a great team!

Communication: the point of communication is the response of the other party!

Implementation: implement plans, measures and solutions, so that problems can be completely solved and closed!

Innovation: break the conventional and fixed mind set, create unique and exciting new technology, new products and new management methods!

Perfection: stay focused on work and tasks, study hard and strive for excellence!

Excellence: I should have them when others don't, I should have the best one when others have them. whether it is to work or to our own growth, we must pursue excellence!

Achievement: the achievement is mutual, we take achievements to company, at the same time the company is also feedback achievements to us and our families!

Quality Policy

Quality that meets the requirements of customers, laws and regulations is always the first standard of PIEBOT. We are committed to continuous improvement and perfection;

On time delivery is the first productivity of PIEBOT. We will try our best to continuously improve the delivery capacity of products and services;

Improving the cost performance is the eternal theme of PIEBOT. We will stick on exploring and innovation to improve the product performance and maintain the cost leadership。